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  1. I am a CSULB gratuate, MFA School of Fine Arts and a Museum Studies certificate, 1980. I am totally opposed to the actions taken against the UAM exhibition and director by CSULB. More exhibitions should be devoted to the topics addressed in the cancelled show. By unceremoniously dismissing the director:
    – You have disgraced my degree.
    – Have practiced unethical behavior, not what I was taught.

    Please reconsider the actions you have hastily enacted. Apologize and dismiss the unthinking administrator who authorized this scandalous decision.

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  2. I am currently on the UAM Board of Directors. I was invited to join by Kimberli Meyer and accepted because I have known Kimberli for many years and have the utmost respect for her knowledge, experience, judgment and vision. The actions of the UAM administration in ostensibly closing down lauren woods powerful and profoundly moving
    American Monument, has prompted my resignation. To quote Ms. woods, “this is an act of institutional violence!”
    I absolutely agree. However, if the UAM should have the wisdom to apologize to the artist and their Excutive Director,
    and reinstate Ms Meyer, I would reconsider!

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